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Shopping is a healthy activity that is really fun considering the hustle and bustle of the normal day of trying to get your cash.

You can earn money from just shopping, observing customer service and observing store management by doing something called mystery shopping.

This business venture is one of the fastest rising areas at the moment.

The easy part is getting the job while the hard part is getting a genuine company that does these business legitimately.

These are some of the companies that offer mystery shopping jobs:

Secret shopper

This company has been doing this since 1993 therefore they have a really well established foundation.

They work throughout the globe in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East as a mystery shopper you would get machines in industries like banking and finance, automotive and hotels etc.

It is completely free to sign up and set your own hours

Payment ranges from $12 to $25 per assignment.

With the company you can be reimbursed for mystery shopping in restaurants where you eat and other activities.

The transactions are done through PayPal on the 20th of the month after the assignment was done.

Market force

Since its formation this company has been developing ever since it boasts of working in five countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Market force manages a base of 300,000 independent contractors delivering over 100,000 shops every month hence you have a lot of opportunities to make money with them.

The amount you are paid will vary by shop and payment is monthly via check or direct deposit and each shop has its own unique guidelines to make money.

You have to be over 18 years and have a high school diploma.

With Market Force your areas will be within industries like retail stores, drug stores, restaurants, convenience store, grocery, banking, movie theatres and hospitality really enjoyable areas.


This company is one of the most comprehensive mystery shopper websites working with businesses in over 50 industries hence it is so easy to find a shop that matches your interest mostly in the United States.

It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

It covers a variety of industries that includes fast foods and the automotive industry.

Payment ranges from $5 to $10per shop plus reimbursement for the necessary amounts spent.

The shops that pay more often have longer evaluations that require writing short paragraphs to detail the shopping experience.

You can sign up for shops through their job board but they can send you emails about available shops in the area.


This is a company with a huge reputation due to its partnership with many companies from many different industries including retail stores, banks, restaurants and casino.

BestMark requires over 10,000 mystery shops so there are a lot of work opportunities should you choose to sign up with them.

They have also received an A plus score from the Better Business Bureau.

Their requirements are quite lenient; you must be 19 years of age or older, have decent internet access and must have good communication skills.

Payment is dependent on your assignment they have the following options to pay you in cash, reimburse you for purchases or offer some combination of the two.

Sinclair Customer Metrics

Definitely another A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau, they have been doing this since 1987 they have been spearheading the improvement of the customer service of many businesses in the market it has a variety of shops from which you can choose the one that fits your best interest.

In addition to store shopping you can also get phone mystery shopping. Signing up is quite a simple process

The company uses advance reporting system and portal that provides mystery shopping with training. This company reimburses 60 days after you have sent your evaluation

A Closer Look

Endowed with a wide array of work ranging from working with hotels and wellness centers, restaurants and more I think all your, interests will be well catered for.

What you will like most about this company is that it will let you know how much you will be reimbursed thereby you will have in mind the payment you will receive as you do your shopping.

Payments are done via check on the 3rd Friday of every month.

To get a chance to work for them you will need to be 18 years old and pass a pre-qualification test that is done to gauge whether you pay attention to even the smallest of details when shopping.


If you are a finance enthusiast look no further than Pinnacle, focused on improving the quality of services in financial institutions you will mostly deal with banks and credit unions.

Joining them is completely free all you got to do is sign up and provide your email address and other basic personal information such as your bank details which will be the mode of payment.

They will require you to also fill out a demographic questionnaire so that they can link you up with the best job depending on your location.

A you continue working with the company you will be graded on a scale (1 to 10) for each shop you compete, the score clearly shows your accuracy, detail, dependability and writing skills. The better your overall score the more opportunities you get.

Second to None

They are obviously second to none, since 1989 and their popularity still keeps on growing.

They have services such as mystery shopping, customer feedback and brand compliance.

Payment is usually dependent on the shop and how complex it is.

You will usually be reimbursed for your purchase.

They pay once a month directly to your bank account to PayPal.

Signing up is a free process.


Boasting of shops in over 105 countries is not a mean fete.

They offer service such as automotive services, banking and financial services, retail services, cinema etc.

Nevertheless, they have quite a number of rules that you should be willing to follow if you are very interested in working for them, they include concealing your identity, honoring commitments, meeting deadlines, submitting your response at the same day at the shop visit or more.

If you manage to fight your way through the rules after signup GAPbuster will send you an email if there is a shop in your area.

You will be paid once a month via Electronic Fund Transfer.

About Face

One of the popular mystery shopping companies, it has certain requirements such as you have to be 18 years old or older, must agree to be an Independent Contractor for About Face.

You will receive emails notifying you of shops available in your area and you will have invitations relative to your location

Payment is made through PayPal only and the amount varies from shop to shop, you will receive payment 45days from the date you did your shop.

GFK Mystery Shopping

Popularly known for paying quickly via PayPal so it is definitely one to check out since it is not a normality especially in the mystery shopping industry.

You have several options when doing your mystery shopping – in person, online, web chat, email or phone.

All secret shoppers that are members of GFK can choose from a variety of businesses including restaurants, banks and more.

For this site you must complete your shops within 12hours of acceptance to get payment.

 Amusement Advantage

Can you imagine earning a couple of dollars while having the most fun time of your life, then look no further than Amusement Advantage.

It is open to 49 US states and also Canada. The only shops available for this company are theme parks and other entertainment facilities

The downside however is that you might not get paid as you would other mystery shopping companies since theme parks are expensive places to go regularly.

This choice would be best fit for you especially if you had a prior plan to visit the theme park.


Confero is a very reputable company that is very reputable being in the industry since 1986.

It provides the following services food service, health care, retail, automotive, airport and travel and also entertainment venues and an occasional telephone mystery shopping.

Payment is dependent on the project that you are currently undertaking and it pays different amounts.

Generally, you will be reimbursed for whatever you spend and also compensated a little extra for your time. The payments are done through PayPal once a month on the 20th.

To be eligible to sign up you need to be at least 21 years old and should be dependable, observant and good at following instructions. Once you are registered you’ll have access to their job boards.


This is a phone mystery shopping company in which you work from home.

You are paid per call and the amount varies starting at around $3.50 and going up from there. Some calls pay as much as $12.Pay is monthly via direct deposit.

The pay is actually dependent on how much work they have available and how much time you can spend working on it.

When you apply you are either invited to a training meeting which takes place online or sent a random “we are not hiring” email. They may even ask you to apply online via application.

The countries eligible are USA, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Virgin Islands, United Kingdom and the UAE.


Real estate enthusiasts have a company that suits their interests in this phone mystery shopping company.

Their major focus is doing rental surveys in order to keep their information about various properties is up to date.

The company expects you to put in work 10 hours per week and u are not limited by a specific timeline provided you are calling when these apartment complexes are open.

Since the company does these surveys three times per year the job is not long-term but it is a seasonal one.

To get the job you need to have high speed internet, have good phone etiquette and an unlimited long distant plan and it involves a little training.

Application is done by taking and passing a quiz as well as sending them your resume.

Payment is done hourly depending on your rate of performing calls quickly. if you are getting

information fast your hourly rate will be higher than others. The rate is 10 to 11 dollars an hour.

Perception Strategies

The company focuses on the health care industry but this does not stop them from doing traditional mystery shopping,24 hour inpatient stays, website shops and more.

Since most people get a few shops per week you have a full wee to complete the shops you are assigned.

The payments made are between $12 and $17 each through check on a monthly basis.

They have a few requirements to join them like you should be detail oriented, reliable, have internet access and email, and also possess good writing skills.

The application process involves filling a form and they will probably ask you a sample of your previous writing and if you succeed you are eligible to an interview.

IShopFor Ipsos

With this company you will have a whole experience of the world’s leading brands. It will involve mystery shopping at stores on the phone via chat features and via emails.

Each task has its own unique payment and the rates are shared when you’re told about potential jobs.

The best thing I noted is that you can reject or accept a job as you wish. Payment is done via PayPal for the jobs you complete as well stipulated in the company’s website

Call Center QA

They hire people to perform call auditing and evaluation services on call centers.

The company asks you to call a company and evaluate the particular call center based on the experience you get as the caller after which you will write up a summary of your experience.

If you are interested you will need skills such as, good listening skills, objectivity and a desire to provide a great evaluation service.

Once hired you will have to perform two unpaid test calls before you are allowed to start making calls for money, the company regularly alerts you on the availability of jobs.

You get paid 5 dollars per call through PayPal and it is quite fast with an admirable pace of even sometimes 24 hours of your call.


The fun bit about this company is that you are not calling various businesses to sell anything. You are basically making inquiries about how much things cost, what hours businesses are open and if they have particular products are available.

Their payment depends on how many tasks you complete. The pay for beginners starts at 0.90 per call/shop and can go as high as bringing you $50 to 100$ as you advance. Most calls shouldn’t take more than 3-4 minutes to complete.

It has a couple of requirements such as you should be able to commit at least 20 hours per week but you run on a flexible schedule that you choose as long as you alert them when you will be available from week to week.

High speed internet and unlimited calling plan is a must in order to succeed I this job

For application they consider applicants who are at least 18 years old and either a US resident or authorized to work in the US.

After successful transition you will undergo a training on how to get your way around the calling business.


Here your job is to call various businesses to obtain information. Your pay is based on every successful phone call you make, and it may vary according to the business you called such as $3 to $10 per call.

In this site you get more available jobs as you build your reputation from an amateur to a novice mystery shopper thereby increasing your particular earnings.

It is worth giving a try since it has no fixed amount of pay and you can be greatly advantaged by that.

Intouch Insight

They work consistently to ensure that businesses that sign up to learn about what customers think about their products. For this company you will have to visit brand locations and complete assignments using a mobile app.

It is a member of Mystery Shoppers Providers Association (MSPA) and will compensate adequately as an independent contractor.

Signature  Worldwide

The company offers services such as web based reporting, online shopping, sales shopping and web based reporting.

The company combines training, mystery shopping and measurement to deliver better customer intelligence reporting clients.

Signing up with this company guarantees you are rewarded for helping complete assignment’s that would improve service   quality for brands.

The work with brands, hotesl, apartments, spas etc.

Satisfaction services Inc.

Mystery shoppers hired by this company are guaranteed fun and at the end of the day get paid for it.

You can become a mystery shopper with this company and be ready to deliver dependable, accurate, thorough and correct reports on stipulated timeframes.

With this company you can either be signed up for free or another with a token of $9.99.

The latter, called Rated Evaluator program are provided with more opportunities compared to the if you are organized, motivated, dependable and an excellent writer sign up with them.

Reality Check Mystery Shoppers

They have an initiated interaction program that helps client’s businesses improve.

The mystery shopper reports on things like a store customer service, internal processes, staff punctuality and product quality. Reality Check Mystery Shoppers are members of the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association (MSPA)


It has various opportunities in industries such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and financial institutions.

They have a couple of requirements under their belt such as you must be 19 years or older, have good communication skills, reliable transportation and constant and reliable internet access.

Payment is anywhere from $7 and $20 for every job

Quest for Best

Quest for Best adequately compensates mystery shoppers for carrying out the tasks issued to them. The company wants their shoppers to be observant, articular and motivated.

They give you an opportunity to earn while doing what you already do.


This company works with companies in retail, food and other top industries to help them improve customer service and customer experience.

Once you sign up and get entered to their database you will start to see the current jobs available for you, shops need to be completed within 12 hours of visiting the location.

The company requires you to provide  a detailed feedback  about your experience in order to help the client improve every customer visit

Shoppers’ view

the company helps businesses with things like evaluating their service or product quality, physical appearance of employees, the cleanliness of the stores.

You as the shopper enjoy reimbursement that can also include fun purchases or activities in the course of your mystery shopping.

You are further paid for completing tasks of which you can choose to accept or reject any assignment at your own schedule.

Payment ranges normally from $10-$40 which can be more with some assignment. Transactions are via PayPal.

Spies in Disguise Inc

The company performs the following tasks purchasing a product, asking questions during the course of your purchase, registering complaints you may have and making reports.

They are well known to provide detailed instructions to their mystery shoppers to make their jobs easier.

You are expected to submit your report or finding via the internet or via their mobile app.

Compensation is based on the nature of assignment you have carried out ranging from $8 -$12.

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