How To Earn Extra Income By Reading And Reviewing Books

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Do you enjoy a good read?

Well not only do this sites we have shared allow you to read, but you get paid while at it.

Yes, getting paid to read is a thing! And all for good cause.

Writers and editors usually need feedback before they put their books on the stores, and you can get a book for free and get to write an opinion about it and finally getting paid for your criticism.

If drowning in books makes you happy then it can make your bank account pretty darn happy too.

Reading books is a great way to open up your mind to different perspectives and learn new subject, and its common knowledge readers are leaders.

Before we delve into the companies that offer reviewing work, you need to understand that there are many companies proposing that they hire and pay their book reviewers and sometimes it may not be necessarily cash but through free copies of the book.

There area quite a number of scams out there where companies claim to hire book reviewers only for you to discover otherwise.

The companies/sites that we’ve reviewed, we also recommend, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.

Here are some of the best sites and opportunities that will help you get paid to read books online:

1. Kirkus media

Is an online platform looking for experienced book reviewers of Spanish and English- language titles.

The company reviews or edit nearly 10,000 books per year and it occasionally hires editors and copy editors regularly as well.

The reviews are normally about 400 words and are due two weeks after the book is assigned.

For book genres it reviews all books of different lengths. One has two weeks after receiving the book to complete the review.

The books may be provided in paper-back, hardcover or n digital format.

One requirement is that you should have some writing experience for the job under the Kirkus media company since you will need to submit your resume and writing samples to the editor for consideration.

2. org

The site clearly points out that they do not promise you billions of dollars if you send them a fee like other sites.

It is absolutely free for you as the reviewer.

Many publishers and up-coming authors are willing to give people limited free copies of their book in exchange for you writing an honest review of their book.

Over a thousand authors sent their books to the site for review.

They claim of a high demand of reviewers that some have a small fee if you choose to review their book. On the site, honest is key.

If you do not like the book, you do not have to lie.

Most payouts currently range between $5-$60 per review.

This is enough to get a couple hundred dollars every month. This is also not work for people who do not read books regularly because it may be quite tiring to people who do not like reading books.

3. Any Subject Books

The site does pay the reviewer but the pay varies by the length of the book, the deadline and the length of the review.

They are quite on demand and sometimes may communicate that they do not need more reviewers like in the moment but be sure to keep tabs on the page in case a position opens up.

They require honesty and claim to be very serious with their code of ethics making sure no one is violated.

Once you are selected as a reviewer, they contact you with a book that they would want you to review which will be in a genre you are familiar with according to your profile.

You will get a short synopsis of it along with the invitation. Once you accept, you will be required to read the book and honestly and fairly analyze your thoughts in accordance with their form which is a format that standardizes your reviews with what they want you to tell them about the book.

It is a book-by-book basis commitment and you can not review two books at ago.

The reviews are not posted on the website directly but supplied to the author who then chooses if they will let the review be put up or not.

The authors have the right to reproduce the review but do not have permission to alter the content of it. After one applies the site may choose to put you on the reviewers list or not.

4. Astronomy

The site accepts paid book reviews from people who want to review books of interest to its readers.

It is an online magazine.

The first thing though you need to do is check with the editor before pitching your desired books to the magazine.

The editor after receiving your inquiry looks over it for specific information such as the books ISBN number, publication date, price and more.

You get to suggest a book you want to review and it is the editor’s right to accept or deny you that opportunity.

They notify you after if they want you to review it where they require a brief summary, short quotes and a deep analysis of the book.

Pay is discussed with the editor since it is not covered on the site.

5. Instaread

The company provides in-depth summaries of non-fiction books in both text and audio formats.

The difference with other sites is that it does not list its job openings on its website but you can sometimes find them through the web.

Each summary needs to fit the company’s 4000-word template and guidelines and pays $700.

Good writers are considered good fits for the position and are published in well-known magazines or have a solid journalism portfolio. Another thing is you are needed to be available to do one report weekly.

6. Booklist

Booklist is a website dedicated to online book reviews in a range of genres.

It also happens to have a magazine that publishes book reviews.

It is the American Library Association’s prepublication review journal for public and school librarians.

The editorial content consists of book reviews written to help librarians with selection, collection, development and readers’ advisory.

Freelancers get the opportunity to write reviews for submission to the website or in the magazine where each review paying $15.

The submission does not guarantee you that yours will be accepted but if yours is rejected you get $5.

Reviewers also have the opportunity to write blog posts for the website for $12.50 each.

Just like Astronomy, you will need to contact the editor first for the genre which you are interested in reading and reviewing before doing unnecessary work.

To be a reviewer, one is required to familiarize themselves with their publications and writing styles.

7. Read Dream Relax

This is a blog dedicated to book reviews of all genres and it allows book reviewers to join.

To join you will have to send the owner an e-mail who is known as Laura with your current review samples.

She usually communicates after a week to notify you if you’re a good fit.

The pay rate is not specified on the website so as you send the e-mail, it might be a good thing to enquire about.

8. The US Review of Books

For starters, you will be a guest blogger posting book reviews between 250 and 300 words long.

You will receive occasional offers for books for review and you can choose your preferences but the editors will also get to choose the best-matched reviewers for each book.

Every review must have a brief summary of the story and your honest opinions of the book.

Negative criticism is accepted but it needs to be backed up. Positive as well.

For joining you need to contact the editor with a resume, sample work and at least two professional references.

You can send it through e-mail or regular mail. Also, reviewers are given the opportunity to assign a “recommended” rating to outstanding titles.

There are plenty of review example on the website to guide you on what exactly they may be looking for.

Reviewers are paid monthly for every review completed during the previous month.

9. Women’s review of Books

The company focuses on books written by and about women.

It accepts book reviews of women’s books in addition to other writings.

To join, you will be required to mail your resume to the Editor in Chief for consideration for becoming a book reviewer for the website and unlike other many sites, you need experience with professional and creative writing.

In the mail include, a paragraph about your credentials, one line about the type of work you are interested in focusing o and a short sample of an already published review of yours.

They also claim that if you e-mail does not one of the above, they really would not respond so better be as thorough in including all information.

The site has a feminist mission to publish reviews that draw on rich reservoirs of knowledge based in organizing, discipline-based research and personal experience in the service of action and consciousness.

10. Bethany House

One of the main requirements of this site is that you must have a blog to get free books to review from the site.

Every review must be at least 75 words not including the plot synopsis.

You will also be required to post it to a retailer website like Barnes and Noble in addition to your blog.

You may request one title for review each month but the opportunities are given on a first come-first serve basis so you are not guaranteed of a book every month.

You also need to be a US citizen to be able to join them.

For them it takes time to sort through the applications and sometimes it may even take three months to get a response from them.

The pay rate is not specified on the site so you ma only find out about it after being accepted.

11. Upwork

This is an online marketplace where freelancers find work in almost every freelancing industry.

Book reviewing is one of the freelancing gigs one can get. Applying to the gigs is through Connects which are like bids.

For the requirements, you will need to submit your credentials along with a cover letter answer any questions the client provides and send an application for review.

After some time, they get back to you and if you are a good fit, the client will send you an offer or ask to chat with you through the messaging system to learn a little more before finally offering you the job.

Remember to use keywords to save time searching for gigs since Upwork deals with many freelancing gigs.

12. The Writer

This is an online magazine that pays for accepted pitched stories including book reviews.

One can pitch their review to the editor of the magazine who likely gets back to you in about 2 wees if your review is going to be published.

Now that you have at least twelve sites you could search on to review books her are some few helpful tips when wanting to get into book reviewing:

  • Consider everything about the book as you read it because all those pieces work together to create a story, even in fiction and autobiographies.

The story has so many parts; the plot, climax, characters, setting. All these parts serve a purpose. Keep this in mind and take notes for remembrance and to keep your thoughts fresh when writing the review.

  • Review only what you read and avoid making the review about things you wished the author wrote about.

Yes, constructive criticism is welcomed but do not let your own personal opinions overshadow what the book is about. That is the major point of a review.

  • Make sure if readers read your review, they are not pulled one way or another instead they need facts in a clear and concise way.

For your opinions, put them at the end and in a constructive way.

Since most reviews are brief, many writers begin with a catchy anecdote that may deliver their argument but that does not mean that is the preferred way. Make sure you are as original so that your review may be considered. For all reviews they should include:

  • The name of the author and book title.
  • Relevant details about the author and where they stand in the genre or field of inquiry.
  • The context of the book/ your review of the book and the
  • Summary of the book.

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