The Best Ways to Get Paid as a Freelancer (Proven Payment Options)

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In our present time freelancing has become a major step into the future of the rapidly growing economical world, although there is no guaranteed paycheck compared to a nine-to-five job it boasts of a wide variety of payment solutions for the freelancer to choose from.

There are a tonne of ways to get paid; physical checks, credit/debit card payments, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), in-person cash payments, PayPal online payments, Skrill,, 2Checkout, Google wallet and Payoneer. We take a look at the most commonly used payment methods for freelancers across the world.

Physical checks

Paper check payment is an old method of payment but it has a couple of advantages in the long run for example it can be mailed, no fee is required to deposit it to your bank account and it can help you land bigger clients.

Like all other methods of payment, it has its downside that is the cheque can be damaged or lost easily, the fact that you have to wait for your check to clear in the bank account and also constant concerns of customers giving bouncing checks.

Here are some tips I have on how to avoid getting bad checks from customers.

Credit/debit card payments (plastic payment)

Plastic payment offers a cutting edge in payment forms since there are many online platforms that allow you to accept all major credit cards ranging from Visa, Mastercard, Amex and so on.

Platform such as Mollie amazingly allows you to accept payments types such as bitcoins whereas platforms such as PayPal and Stripe accept card payments in person.

Plastic payment gets deals done since the customer gets to choose whether to pay you online or flash out a card to pay you in person and guess what? you don’t have to worry about the payment bouncing.

On the other hand, it has a few extra expenses on the client’s side such as a subscription fee, a transaction fee and sometimes a card reader fee as well.

Electronic Fund Transfer

This is definitely the quickest, easiest and least expensive mode of payment, no apps or credit card processing companies involved just swift movement of payment from one bank account to another.

Nevertheless, there are a few perks thrown into consideration by this method since in most scenarios your bank or your client’s bank needs to deem these transfer request acceptable especially when moving funds from one bank account to another.

In person cash payments

Old is gold but only in cases whereby you are dealing with clients operating in your locality like probably your local coffee shop or the nearby restaurant you cannot resist spending your few dimes on.

In the long run it has various limitations for example you have to physically meet your client in order to receive payment and also the hustle you will go through manually going to the bank to convert foreign currencies for your high-end foreign clients

PayPal online payment

Seamlessly the pioneer of online payment this method brags of a lion’s share of the freelancing world.

PayPal has mentionable merits such as money can be sent instantly between PayPal account holders and also between a bank account holder and a PayPal account holder it takes few days to be processed, it’s absolutely free to setup an account.

The downside? You have to pay a transaction fee based on the payments you receive.


Skrill although similar to PayPal, it contains some perks and limitations. In example, you can easily receive payments and send funds from your bank account or credit card.

Unlike PayPal, Skrill supports more countries. Payments are processed instantly, and it’s a great option for freelancers based around the world.

While Skrill offers an easy-to-use platform, you may find that the high fees such as the conversion fees and the account inactivity fees outweigh Skrill’s benefits. is specifically designed for small-to-medium businesses.

With it, you can accept other digital payment options including PayPal, Apple Pay and Visa Checkout, as well as all major credit cards. In addition, it offers security and fraud protection.

However, on the downside it has high fees including a setup fee, monthly charge, and transaction fee hence making it relatively expensive.


This method offers global payment options, supporting many different languages and currencies.

The 2Checkout solution serves as a wonderful option, since it integrates well with tools like Shopify, Bigcommerce and more. It integrates with PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

Once payment is received, you can send it to your bank account by wire transfer hence serving as a secured method of transaction.

It’s cons include that the dashboard is quite confusing especially for new users and the fact that it is not a very flexible method.

Google Wallet

This is one for the stanch Google services diehards that interestingly enables one to accept free money transfers and send them on to other payment systems.

The fees are low, and Google will track your account information to prevent fraud as well.

This method is really well formed considering the fact that it is accessible to many android devices that most clients have.


This payment choice like PayPal is well designed to suit businesses that have a global base of customers. Payoneer works in 200 countries and 150 currencies.

As a payment processing solution, you can withdraw funds from Payoneer and deposit to your local bank account. It also offers a Prepaid Mastercard you can use for your own shopping.

The promising fact about this payment is that you can receive payments from countries around the world as if it were done locally.

Another positive point to note is that this form of payment is faster compared to wired transfers and other forms of traditional payment.

On the downside is that it charges you a fee if you don’t go through  the platform or if your clients pay you using  credit card or an eCheck.

Also if you are not a freelancer in Europe, China, Japan and America you have to pay conversion rates.It also takes a long time for a Payoneer account to be approved.

When it comes to choosing a payment method, I highly recommend you consider these few factors for example convenience and basically the efficiency or effectiveness of your chosen method.


In my opinion, PayPal payment method is definitely the best option for a freelancer due to its free account creation and also the fact that it has a well laid out payment base and also due to its wide usage it has gathered most of its client’s trust due to its effective delivery of services even among clients globally.

Moreover, it is easy for novice users to get around due to the availability various experienced users they can learn from.

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