Online proofreading jobs for beginners

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Proofreading is the final stage of swotting a final piece of writing to correct any grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting before the document is published or otherwise. This normally happens after the piece of writing has been edited.

Proofreading has become a popular job online since many people see it wise to get their work proofread by an outside party

So, what qualifications do I need to become a proofreader you ask? You do not need any college degree or official education to become a proofreader.

There are workshops on the internet that may help you get the relevant skill and knowledge needed for a proofreading job. Some of the requirements that may be required vary with the editing companies but the basic ones needed are:

  • Immaculate English skills

Make sure your English is sharp and up to par since most of the jobs are expected to be done in English.

As a good proofreader, you will be required to correct to proper punctuation and spellings with no problem whatsoever.

  • Reading

You should be good at reading since that is required while checking for mistakes.

If you don’t like reading in the first place, this may not be the best job for you.

Get in the habit of reading regularly for the benefit of the job. Read books, essays, manuscripts and journals.

  • Observant and keen on details

You must be a person who pays full attention to the work at hand to catch all errors in the required time.

Since proofreading is all about checking for mistakes it would only be sensible to be able to correct all mistakes without leaving any out.

Proofreading jobs pay out a little less than freelance writing jobs but the difference is not that huge. There is still a chance of earning good money with editing jobs at home.

The following are sites that you can join as a beginner or otherwise:

  1. Bookediting

Are you a self-published an experienced writing mentor or a copy editor with the interest of starting proofreading people’s books?

Book editing has online editing jobs that you can do anywhere you may be.

Before being considered though for a proposition, you take find-the-errors proofreading test that all applicants pass through. If you are looking for a long-term book editing job, this might just be it.

The amount of money a book editor makes varies widely. They may earn on average of $47.32 per hour. On the lower end of the pay scale, they are paid an hourly wage of $14.14.

  1. FlexJobs

For this online site, they have a variety of hand-screened remote, part time freelance and flexible jobs that one can engage in.

For proofreading they have a section for editing and online proofreading jobs.

They also have a category where one can $15 a month for membership that gives you access to all kinds of remote jobs in addition to your other proofreading jobs n the same site and the good thing is you can cancel at any time.

In FlexJobs, some proofreading jobs require high skill levels in specific fields such as chemistry, manufacturing and healthcare while others do not require as much experience. With this broad spectrum to choose from it is easy to assess what would best fit you.

  1. Polished paper

For Polished paper they are quite formal since you will have to create an account and upload your resume to be considered for an online editing job.

After submitting you will be guided to a 35-question editor test that is set using APA, MLA and Chicago formatting styles.

It would be wise to research on the styles before submitting so that you can be well equipped and ready for the test once they receive your resume.

  1. Pure content

If your preference for proofreading jobs is on web content then Pure content is your plug. They hire editors mostly but proofreaders as well.

All you need to do is send an email to to apply and jobs are assigned to you directly.

Payments are made monthly via PayPal.

They employ over 1000 writers to create unique content for those who need a lot of it.

In Pure Content though you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement about your earnings got through working there.

  1. WordsRu

They mostly focus on manuscripts editing and academic formatting styles.

The requirements are that you need to own a Masters Degree, Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience in any other academic discipline.

You also need to have at least two years of professional experience as an editor copy editor or proofreader since these will be people’s academic articles and projects you will be required to work on.

The open positions are usually for academic editors, science editors and business material editors.

Good thing is that you will work as an independent contractor and the pay is discussed personally with successful applicants.

  1. Babbletype

For Babbletype, one needs to be a native English speaker with a fluency in English and basic grammar knowledge.

They pay via PayPal every week. It also focuses on in-home audio transcription.

The difference of Babbletype with other proofreading sites is that you first transcribe then proofread the transcripts.

Another requirement that you need to join Babbletype is have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in proofreading.

  1. EditFast

This is a proofreading site that seeks to connect proofreaders with their clients here writers submit their work for checking.

Proofreaders must submit their resumes and complete a series of tests to be verified.

Unlike other proofreading sites you submit your resume with the Resume builder and create your on page through the EditFast web page builder and submit a non-disclosure agreement.

For EditFast it is an advantage to have a niche since you will receive a number of projects and would be easy to pick those areas that interest you for the sake of work efficiency.

Since projects vary, they pay 40% of the price to the proofreader.

  1. Gramlee

Gramlee as an editing and proofreading site offer services for many different projects such as dissertations, essays, novels and more.

Proofreaders are required to complete an application that includes a background check and assessment since the documents are confidential and kept secure.

Something different with Gramlee is that documents need to be turned in within 24 hours during the week but one can set their own ours around that.

They pay between $12 and $20 per hour depending on one’s productivity. The services one will be required to offer is often grammar checks, copyediting, APA editing and proofreading.

  1. Kibin

Compared to the above sites, Kibin is a smaller company and the availability of their positions can vary.

They majorly work with many students and scholarly organizations to help with essays, applications and dissertations.

It is quite a helpful site especially for students where they have a great online library with essay samples that the students can learn from.

They offer a fast turnaround time and you can work from home.

Their pay is also quite different in that you are paid per word on the article you choose to work on.

They also include bonuses for deadlines and customer appreciation. On average you as a proofreader can earn $1-$25 per hour but you can work till you have a consistent pay depending on your work efficiency and productivity.

  1. Kelly Services

This is one of the oldest employment agencies who offer a variety of virtual jobs including proofreading services for a variety of industries and businesses.

They are quite reliable and easy to work with offering mobile job search and access.

One’s listings will vary based on skills, experience and the nature of the position.

One only needs to apply as an employer with a minimum requirement of 18 years old where you will be able to search for an open proofreading job.

  1. Scribendi

Scribendi is solely a proofreading and editing company based in Ontario, Canada and the world’s fastest growing community of professional editors ever seen.

They currently have open positions and an advantage about Scribendi is that you get to choose your own working schedule.

Proofreaders and editors are recommended to have a college degree in a related field, three years in writing, editing or language instruction and native-level English abilities.

It also offers its writers free training and incentives redeemable at online retailers.

Freelancers must pass through a test and complete an application process.

They pay via PayPal and in dollars.

  1. Upwork

The site offers a variety of freelance projects like proofreading and editing.

In Upwork once you complete your profile on the site you are paired with your ideal jobs where you can search for clients and respond to client invitations directly.

With time the clients get to know how you work and may recommend you to more clients meaning additional work.

You can also send potential clients proposals highlighting your strengths and including why you should be chosen for the job.

Their paying rates vary with the job and client where they are disclosed upfront. Some of the projects may pay hourly or have a fixed price.

  1. Scribbr

This is a Netherland-based editing company with freelance editor positions for those fluent in English, German, French Italian and Spanish.

Most of the work edited are school essays, dissertations, generating APA style references and detecting plagiarism in the articles submitted for editing.

They so far have 4000 academic editors all over the world. According to their website, they pay about $23 to $25 per hour on the average.

The earnings are actually a flat per word rate but each job has a different number, depending on various factors such as assignment types, specific editing tasks and deadlines.

  1. Wordvice

Wordvice is one of the fastest growing academic editing firms in the world but also still able to retain an intimate connection with team members.

The cons about Wordvice is that they have flexible work hours where you work whenever and wherever, they have a ser-friendly interface for the editors, they pay on time and sometimes you can be assured a steady flow of work.

To join Wordvice all is required is you apply online and fill out your introduction and they will communicate if you have passed or not.

In the registration process you will be required to upload your resume and do a sample test.

It seeks qualified writers with exceptional written communication skills to join the team.

They also require them to have a graduate degree and at least two years of experience in proofreading and editing.

One can also be hired for part time freelance occasional and remote jobs.


Fiverr is a great platform for selling your freelance services and you can use it to sell proofreading and editing services as well.

You are provided a place where you can advertise yourself to their wide array of customers.

Most editing services start at $5 and they call them ‘gigs’ but you can add more services to your gigs and charge even more money.

Since you are getting a closer communication with your client you can choose how to charge depending on for example for fast delivery or adding any related services like writing blog posts or posting content on websites.

  1. Proofreadingpal

Like proofreadingpal has proofreading and editing opportunities for you if you are a professional proofreader.

Unlike other proofreading sites, they are quite strict since they use a two-proofreader model where every document is proofread and edited by two professional proofreaders.

Before joining the company, you are required to answer a short independent contractor questionnaire and you have to wait for their representative to communicate within 5-10 days.

  1. Proofreadnow

For this site, they have specific times they hire people and sometimes they do not.

When you find that they are not hiring now, you just have to bookmark the website and be checking for open proofreading positions.

For the requirements needed, you need to have at least 5 years’ experience and be ready to undergo their editing tests.

Good thing about Proofread now is that once you are absorbed, you are assured of return on investment.

  1. Kirkus media

Kirkus media is mostly popular for book reviewers but they also have projects for proofreaders and editors.

If they currently do not have open positions for proofreaders and editors, bookmark the website to be checking for future projects.

If you are interested in book publishing, it may also be a good place to try. To apply, you will need to upload your resume, writing samples and a list of reviewing samples.


In conclusion, it is easy to notice that most proofreading and editing sites have close to the same requirements for joining their editing team.

The basic expertise is definitely a good command in English since the clients highly rely on you as a proofreader to correct their work for them.

For the sites requiring some years of experience, it wouldn’t hurt to try because you might just be what they want especially if they required you to submit some samples and they happen to like your work.

Since you will not always proofread the same content every time, it is also recommended to sharpen your proofreading skills often. The following could be tips of how to do just that:

  • Do not allow any distractions while proofreading the piece. If you are able, close your email and instant messaging to focus solely on the task at hand. Seek a quiet place with minimal distractions or create one by wearing your headphones.
  • Make sure to follow your company’s style of proofreading but also be aware of other stylebooks out there.
  • Print or zoom out the PDF of the work you are proofreading to view it in its entirety. Look at the big picture because it allows you to see things differently.
  • Have someone proofread behind you especially if you just got your first job. It may really help to eliminate all errors.

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