Online transcription jobs that you can start today

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Online jobs are gaining much attention due to the ease in which one can do them and still get paid.

One of these online ways is through transcription jobs where one gets to listen to recorded or live audio files and converts into text format the content of the audio.

These services are offered to medical, legal and general fields mostly. Working from home as a transcriptionist can be a breeze especially if you have strong work ethic.

Transcription like any other online job has a number of skills that one needs to be successful at it. Such as:

  • Be able to type at a high-speed maintaining accuracy, efficiency and be able to meet deadlines since that is what the hirers work with.
  • Your spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to be fluent and finely honed. One should be proficient in both phone and office etiquette.
  • If possible, you can choose to do an online transcription course that can give you an upper hand while seeking jobs online. An online course can help you learn more of how to handle unique accents and learn more formatting requirements of top transcription companies.
  • You must be able to know the difference in same-sounding words like “bear” and “bare” and others (homonyms) by putting in mind the context of what is being talked about in the audio.
  • Lastly you need to be passionate about providing the highest level of quality and clarity for the client so that they can also recommend you to other clients.
  • One must be quite familiar with the terminology of the field they choose to transcribe for especially in medical or legal transcription. Also, one needs to have general knowledge on everything because the scope of the transcription jobs could widely vary.
  • Be able to find information regarding any topic i.e. know how to search the internet for information, what keywords are necessary.


Depending on the skill level and expertise, you can expect to earn from $20 to $45 an hour at home though in the beginning your pay may be on the low end due to lack of experience but as you go on your rating changes as you start to prove your skill and earn a reputation.

Below are a couple of transcription companies that seek transcriptionists daily and they contain information of what they require from people looking for jobs with them.

Some are better for beginners and others for people with experience so watch out for that too.

AccuTran Global

This is a transcription company that requires prior experience of transcription. It has been in existence since 2002 and are based in Vancouver.

Most work from the company involves transcribing financial conference calls and interviews. The pay is per word and are quite open about what they pay their employees.

The starting base rate is of $0.005 per word for a beginner on basic audio, to their top rate of $0.0066 for difficult and/or foreign audio done by a senor transcriber.

Something encouraging is that they give a 20 percent bonus or foreign calls from non-English speaking countries and 20-percent bonuses for calls containing difficult technical jargon.

AccuTran reimburses its employees $50 for your training time after earning $2,000.

Payments are made on the 15th of every month via check or wire transfer for work done the previous month.

As stated above, they prefer people with experience but for beginners anyone can download and take their audio and questionnaire tests.

Since many online jobs seem to get employees and treat them as their own but for AccuTran, you are hired as an independent contractor.


CastingWords would be a good company to start off if you are a beginner since one would get some paid practice. They are a US based company that has existed since 2005.

Sign up directly and start working soon.

Their pay varies depending on the file being transcribed where the rates start from $1 per minute per audio for those articles.

They also offer bonuses for quality job done and have some transcription editing jobs one ca work on apart from transcribing.

The company offers consistent workload although it may not require your full commitment.

Their pay is via PayPal since they pay their employees via PayPal MassPay system and payments are made every Friday at 10:00AM Pacific Time GMT-7 OR GMT-8) depending on the time of year.

One can choose to let their pay accumulate from week to week or request a transfer any time prior to a scheduled payout.

Daily Transcription

This is one of the work- at-home companies that provides transcription on a daily basis to legal corporate, academic and entertainment industries.

Actually, the name Daily Transcription comes from the job of transcription in the entertainment industry which clients want daily.

More over the company offers translation services in 12 languages besides English.

When it comes to payment, it varies depending upon the type of file the clients give to be worked on so there isn’t any specific pay that is proposed.

Like many other online companies, the pay is every two weeks via PayPal.

Daily Transcription does not necessarily look for experienced transcribers but ask that one attaches their resume on the application where you will be tested on your transcription skills before being accepted or not.

Here one gets the jobs as an independent contractor and hence you are responsible for your own taxes. A good thing about Daily Transcription is that once you make over $600 a year, you will be sent a 1099 income tax form.


For beginners, Tigerfish might just be the place to start because no experience is needed to take up the job though one needs to be a resident of the US.

The company has been around since 1989. Despite not asking for experience they require you to take a test first before you are “in”.

Tigerfish do not list their pay rate publicly but a source from WAHM stated that they pay half a cent per word which is not so bad for a start. Currently they are only hiring people who are legally United States citizens.

Some specific requirements that you may need to have before joining them is high speed internet, a Windows based computer and a phone where they can reach you.

Also, you will need to download a free program called Express Scribe to take the test.

After passing the test, they will require you to buy Start Stops Power Play for Windows Media to do the actual work.

The test involves doing three different audio files and has specific instructions on how to do them on their page and then email them and indicate how long it took you to transcribe each one of them.


TranscribeMe is also a good company for beginners and would be a really good place to start if you do not know anything about transcribing.

It is completely open to newcomers and a place you could practice while still getting paid.

Unlike Tigerfish, you have minimal equipment requirements and you really do not have to own a transcription software.

The process of working here is very easy by just listening to the audio file and typing what you hear on the audio file.

Even though it may seem easy, you will need to put in mind that you will listen to audio files of speakers of all stripes, from accents you understand and others that will require you to listen countess of times.

When working with them you will be required to log into their WorkHub and you will have an opportunity to claim any available work which tend to be brief from about 10 seconds to 1 minute then submit it.

They also work through crowdsourcing where an audio submitted to them then broken into small pieces and assigned to a couple of transcriptionists who work simultaneously then when it is all done, Quality Assurance gets the files and puts them together.

All that you will need to do is just transcribe what is being said and let them add the timestamps and the speakers’ names as they compile all of them.

The QA reviews your work and corrects if need be then giving a go ahead for you to be paid for the accepted work.

As for technical requirements, you must have a home computer with reliable internet, headphones for easier listening and not necessarily but they recommend foot pedal as a great tool because it allows one to control playback of the audio file with your foot so you never have to get distracted getting your fingers off the keyboard.

They pay people through PayPal once a week and all earnings are payable in US Dollars and good thing you can request a payout once you reach $20 in your account.

Their pay rate is set at $15 per audio hour though the rates can change at any time so the more quickly and accurately you can transcribe, the more efficient you are hence the more money you make.

Pacific Transcription

The company deals with transcription jobs related to medical, finance and legal works and do not limit themselves to just US citizens.

They hire people from many countries so it is a matter of trying for your chance.

Pacific Transcription has over 13 years of experience in recording ad transcribing high-profile events for leading international financial and media companies.

They are an Australian-owned company and are part of the global Pacific Solutions network. All you need is some background know-how about transcription and a typing speed not less than 60 words per minute.

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink is a transcription company that used to be known as Encriptionist.

On matters experience they state on their website that they are looking for highly skilled transcriptionists but are not specific on how much experience they want but at least some experience is needed to get started in general transcription.

To apply you need to be a US citizen and send an email to where you will required to include your cover letter and resume in Microsoft Word of PDF format to the email.

These two documents are quite necessary because they would not accept you if you do not follow those instructions.

If luckily, they get back to you, you will have to take a transcription skills test and after passing the test you should definitely be in.

After being accepted, you will have to let them know in advance each week how much work you may want or need to do.

Sometimes they may put a hold on hiring more workers but it would not hurt to still send and be patient.

Most contractors have reported that their salaries averagely vary between $10 and $11 hourly but most jobs pay around $0.85 an audio minute.

Allegis Communications

Like many of these companies Allegis hirers occasionally for people to transcribe 20 hours per week.

Allegis is a work-at-home company that provides clerical, transcription and court reporting services to the property and casualty insurance companies throughout United States.

In Allegis you are required to have an updated computer and laptop antivirus and malware software, connection to an online thesaurus, to an online dictionary, a foot pedal to help in the transcription process.

The best thing about the company is that they consider both beginners and experienced transcribers.

The hours are more part-time and can be done on one’s schedule as long as you meet your deadlines.

The hired staff at the company are more of independent contractors and are required to be responsible for their own taxes. Should an independent contractor make over $600 a year, the company sends a 1099 income tax form.

For one to apply you will need to do is express interest b registering your name, e-mail and create account with a password.

After, click the registration button at the bottom which is the first step of five. The other four can be completed within 48 hours of registering. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Registration
  • Questionnaire/pre-interview
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Grammar test
  • Transcription test

The company pays by page rather than audio hour and it will depend on how fast you are at typing. It is weekly and via direct deposit or a mailed check.


Babbletype is a Quality Assurance Associate which offers transcription services.

It hires transcriptionists from both in the US ad abroad as well as customer service agents.

Most of the transcription work available is general and not specifically on fields like the medical field which you will have to search in other companies.

Other languages apart from English are also offered for transcription so one needs to be aware of how a literal translation may sound once translated to English.

Pay depends on how quick you can edit through an audio hour and varies out to about $10 to $15 a clock hour.

Focus Forward

Focus forward pride themselves in being the leaders in the transcription industry for 15 years and have transcribed over 25 million minutes for happy clients.

One is hired as an independent contractor and gets to choose the days per week and hours per day to work from any country in the world.

Unlike other companies., they have a scheduling tool which makes it easy for the transcriptionist to inform them their available time and when to offer assignments to you.

Their pay starts from $0.40 per audio minute with opportunities to participate in higher paying work with time. The company hires both English language and Spanish language transcribers.

The Spanish transcribers earn more than the English ones far more at $37.50 while the English ones earn $10 per 15 minutes. Some jobs may occasionally come with little bonuses attached.

The process of applying takes four steps which are:

  • Download the instructions and transcription program
  • Download the audio file test to be transcribed
  • Begin the transcription test
  • Fill out the application form and upload the test

The application is reviewed and one is given the answer within 48 hours of receiving the test.

Landmark Associates

Landmark Associates is a company which looks to hire experienced transcriptionists who are especially familiar with General Transcription though do not do medical transcription.

To join them all you need is to navigate to their Careers page where you will find a sample audio test to complete then submit the work done along with your resume to

The company specializes mostly in interviews, panel discussions and focus groups. It is a North American company and only look for North American applicants.

On how they pay, they never list their rate of pa on their website.

The only thing about pay stated is that one can be compensated based on the length of the audio files you transcribe.

The company is quite flexible and one just needs to let them know how much work you are able to do and they try to accommodate that.

Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is a company that offers transcription and translation services to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, medical agencies and general business companies.

The company has been in existent since 1988 are a licensed GSA Contract Holder and have been rated as one of the top 100 companies in Arizona.

Due to the nature of work they provide, they mostly hire the Law Enforcement transcriber and the general transcriber.

They also do transcribe in 11 different languages but are based in the US. Their work is guaranteed with a 98.8 accuracy and they accept all major audio/video file formats.

Their tech requirements include:

  • An updated computer or laptop
  • A foot pedal
  • Express scribe software

The company mostly hires workers with experience and have a good command of the English language. This mostly is for the Law Enforcement transcriber.

For the General transcriber, what is required of them is financial interpretation experience.

To apply you need to go to their careers page and select whether you want either of the two and follow the instructions.

Like most other companies, in Net Transcripts you are an independent contractor and responsible for your taxes and most work part-time and should you make $600 a year you are guaranteed to get a 1099 Income tax form.


The company offers global transcription jobs online and if one is fluent in multiple languages, chances of getting more work available is high.

To start you will need to register an account and pass two small transcription tests. For the pay rate, it may start from $0.005 per word and payments are done twice a month.

After registering, you will have to keep checking the website for new work which you can claim at any day or night.

Appenscribe are willing to offer work to transcribe from all over the world and to newbies.

The company is available globally and anyone above 18 years can sign up with this platform.

The signing up process requires one’s e-mail, address, name, phone number address, city and nationality.

Despite them being so welcoming you still need to go through qualification tests to start working for them.

The tests are said to be quite simple and are generally intended to check your spelling skills and proficiency in transcribing using the languages you stated on the registration the first time.

Other services that Appenscribe offers is linguistics, translation and web search evaluation.


This is a US based online transcription service that offers typists at the client’s disposal. The company requires at least two years of past experience especially in the legal transcription job.

The company is almost always hiring for legal transcribers than general transcribers whose openings are very rare. SpeakWrite also only hirers from the US and Canada.

This may not be really the best company for a beginner to look to be hired.

Both positions have their own specific requirement though the legal transcriber needs to must have at least 24 months of responsible legal work in a law firm and not more than five years previous to applying for a job at SpeakWrite.

He/she must be well versed with knowledge of the set up of legal proceedings, agreements, court headings, interrogatories and deposition summaries.

For the general transcriber, you will require at least 24 months of transcription experience not more than five years before applying for the same job.

The pay at SpeakWrite varies with one’s speed but they claim they pay half a cent a word transcribed which equals anywhere between $12 and $15 an hour.

Also, the company has the option of either check or direct deposit and they pay the hired workers twice a month though Canadian workers are not eligible for direct deposit only check.

After knowing the companies that you could hire you depending on where you fall as a beginner or an experienced transcriptionist.

General rules you will need to be a successful transcriptionist

  • Do not leave out anything form the audio file until instructed to.
  • If you can’t make out part of the audio, write _ _ _ _.
  • Label laughter, applause and music.
  • Unfinished sentences and pauses, which happen in natural conversations should be identified with an ellipsis (. . . ….)
  • Start a new paragraph every time there is a new speaker.
  • Utterances (like, uh, um etc.) should be omitted unless told otherwise.

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